winword ghost instance after ole automation ???

I begin with ole automation and I want to create a word document with c++
builder so I've written the following lines :

Variant V;
    V = CreateOleObject("Word.Basic");
    V.OleProcedure("FileNew", "Normal");
    V.OleProcedure("Insert", "ENVOI DE CALIBRATION ");
    V.OleProcedure("FileSaveAs", "c:\\test.doc", NULL, NULL,"");
    V.OleProcedure("FileClose", 1);
  catch(EOleSysError& e)
    char buf[256];
    sprintf(buf, "%s.\n\n%s", e.Message,"This program requires Microsoft
  //If none of the above exceptions, catch it so that we can close the

It seem to work correctly (no error) but after the program has ended, I find
a winword ghost instance in memory.

How can I destroy this instance ?

Where can I find some good samples of ole automation between c++ Builder (or
Delphi) and WinWORD ?

Thank's for your help

Denis from France.