ASCII-text Turbo Pascal Tutor 1-19, G.Grotzinger

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: Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 21:42:23 -0600
: From: Grotz <>
: To:
: Subject: A TP Tutorial (parts 1-19)
: TPTUTR0G.ZIP  Beginning Pascal Tutorial (parts 1-19) (in progress).
: Author: Glenn Grotzinger
: Replaces: TPTUTR0F.ZIP
: Shareware Payment Required from Private Users: N
: Shareware Payment Required from Corporates: Y
: Distribution Limitations: Free distribution across electronic channels with
: the exception of the Microsoft Network, to which this tutorial or any part
: shall not be distributed. Unauthorized distribution results in consent to
: license which shall have the value of $100 per reciepient of message. Free
: usage by private individuals.  Usage upon consent for other matters.
: Commercial usage (in a book, or class at fee) requres payment.
: Demo: N/A
: Nagware: N/A
: Self-Documenting: N/A
: External Documentation: N/A
: Source Included: N/A
: 114K ZIPPED.
: This is all released parts (1-19) of a series of a basic TP tutorial written by
: Glenn Grotzinger with the intent to enable readers to learn Pascal (TP format).

   All the best, Timo

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