Blob text field in Report Smith

Can someone help me:
First: excuse my english, I'm a french language speaker an I'm not a
perfect bilingual.
        I want to use ReportSmith for printing some database field. I use
Paradox table made with DBE in my Delphi package. The idea is to use a
database where I can enter a book reference and a quotation of this
book. In the Paradox table, I create a field called "citation". The
type of this field is "Formatted memo" . Now, there is my problem:
        When I go in ReportSmith to create an output form, the text in the
field "Citation" [Formatted memo type]  doesn't appear.
        What can I do to make it appears? The goal of my little program is to
make a quotation database and to print each with the reference. You
easily understand that I must know how ReportSmith deal with this
field type.
Thank you very much!
Henri Roy
tudiant de deuxime cycle en didactique