capture move from row to row in grid

Allen Willson <> wrote:
> Reposting article removed by rogue canceller.

> OK, I have two grids.  The current record of grid1 sets the
> filter for grid2.  

> Q: in grid1, when you move from record1 to record2, how can I capture
> that move to refresh the filter for grid2?  What event is triggered
> in either the grid or its table that will allow me to refresh the
> filter for grid2?

> Is this a simple override of the 'Next' method for grid1's table? or is
> Next not implicitly called by changing the current record in a grid?

> Much Appreciated!

The OnDataChange event of TDataSource is triggered when a new record
comes into focus. However, if the purpose is merely to keep the two
tables in sync it might be an idea to link them together in a
master-detail relationship.