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QR Applications Freeze frecuently ...

Hello Group,

I develop DataBase Applications using D4 and Paradox 5 Tables.

Frecuently the Computers, where I run my application get frozen. At the
begining I thought about a failure due some resources or pointers used and
not released, so I download the program MemProof to look for some memory

I founded out that QR 3.0.4. had a memory leak problem and I could solve it
just downloading from QuSoft the QR 3.0.4. Doing This the memory leaks
decreased more than 90 percent.

I Installed the application updated with the final user, and they get frozen
more frecuently more than before ...

Do you have any idea, about what's going on,
or What else could I do to find the problem ?

Thank's for your time and help.


Re:QR Applications Freeze frecuently ...

Is you have a suggestion about what operation frozes computer ?


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