Here's how to fix CBuilder/Delphi help

Just a quick reminder to new C++Builder users about
the problem with its help files.  The README says that we
should go to Microsoft's site for an updated WINHLP32.EXE.
That's a crock.  The solution is to go through \windows\winhelp.ini
and delete/comment any lines which don't refer to actual
help files.  It's common to see old C:\BC45\BIN\XX.HLP or
C:\DELPHI\BIN\XX.HLP entries etc referring to programs
which have since been deleted or renamed etc.  These lines
need to be removed otherwise Borland's multihelp cross-referencing
program will spew and give you the little red dialog...  :(

That's not to say there aren't bugs etc in the helpfiles themselves,
but 95% of your problems are solved by above.

Tip: if you click on WinAPI or VCL help button in Delphi 2 or CBuilder
it's common to get the Delphi 1 versions of those files if you've got
D1 installed.  A quick fix if you use D1 only occasionally is to
rename C:\DELPHI to C:\D1, and *comment out* the C:\DELPHI
references in winhelp.ini.  You may need to retrain WinHelp with
the location of those helpfiles if it can't find them, but that only
needs to be done once.