Delphi 3 Lock-ups & Something Else to Look At

Here's something else to examine when troubleshooting Delphi lockups
after installs...

Delphi 3.01 was working fine on my system a couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday I brought it up (this is my home computer) to work on a
couple of things, when lo and behold it hung before the pallette

I examined these threads, many of which suggest video driver
conflicts.  I checked my installation history and noted that I had
just purchased a game that installed DirectX 5.0.  Luckily, Microsoft
allows the removal of DirectX video drivers while leaving sound, so I
restored my previous video drivers and Delphi now loads.

We'll see if the good luck holds out... now I'll have to go and see if
this game will load without those enhanced video drivers...