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BDE Config HELP!!!

Greetings All,
I am creating a C/S DB app in Delphi w/ Interbase. I develpoed
the app on the Same computer as the Server (WinNT) and when I run I have
no problems. But when I try to run the same program on another
computer I get an error. " an error has occurred while Initalizing
the Borland Database Engine (error $2109)". I have Delphi 16 and the IB
tools (Manager etc) on this problem machine (Win95). I also have the
Alias configured correctly ( I believe) for the Server and the DB.
What could be the problem? If possible I need to know the solution
if this was a win 3.1 machine also, because the app might have to be
ported to that.

Please Email me. I greatly appreciate any help. :)
Damion Alexander
Marist College Information Services


Re:BDE Config HELP!!!

add the flwing line to your autoexec.bat file:

C:\DOS\SHARE.EXE/L :500 /F:5100

Wei Jiang

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