Need some help trouble shooting a network install

Have an application which is setup as follows:

DISK1 - Server/Workstation Install - Delphi 16-bit app + empty tables,
DISK2 - populated data files, misc files
DISK3 - Network install script, BDE Disk 1
DISK4 - BDE Disk 2

Installing to a Netware 3.12 server (drive f:) my install creates the
appropriate folders and copies all of the necessary files to the server and
sets up .ini files, etc...  At end of install I run the BDE Setup. The user
is instructed to install the BDE to a folder available and common to all
network users of our software.  Each subsequent workstation runs a setup
program from disk 3 which simply modifies their win.ini to point to the BDE
(but does not overwrite existing settings) and creates the icons for using
the application from the server.  Everything installs properly.  No other
BDE apps have been installed on any of the workstations.  I have reviewed
their config.sys, autoexec.bat and win/system.ini files and everything
appears to be properly configured.  I have many other Netware installs from
3.x-4.x running without incident but running the software from this site
results in an exception "Not Initialized For Accessing Network Files" when
the program loads.

I can't figure this one out can someone help?  TIA