Vexing Problem w/Autoincrement Paradox field....

Hi All,

Can anything besides a TTable.Append cause a Paradox Autoincrement field

to increment? I am experiencing some truly vexing behavior which just
cropped up in some working transaction processing code in an app I am
working on.

I have two tables. The first is a detail record table which has an
autoincrement field called Counter. The second is a shadow table which
stores rollback information about changes made to records in the first
table. In the second table, I have an integer field called DetailLink
which is used to store the value of Counter from the first table for a
quick "Jump" to the original detail record.

The process works as follows: A user makes changes to a batch of detail
records, and I store detailed information on the type of change, and
write it out to the secondary table, and store a link back to the
original detail record in the DetailLink field.

The last step is to perform a batch change across the details via a
TUpdateSQL component using the UpdateSQL property to perform an SQL
UPDATE across the records.

What I am finding is that after the changes are done and logged, and
posted and the tables are closed, when I go into them on the next pass
the original value of Counter from the original record (which was stored

in DetailLink in the "Shadow" table has now been changed.

I am not changing the Counter field in any way programmatically as far
as I can tell, but low and behold, if my shadow table's original
DetailLink is 38005, I am finding the original record has now been
bumped up to 38006!!!!

Any ideas would be truly appreciated!