a newbie delphi user wants to get info

Hi all,

First, I would like to greet everybody, as this is my first mail on
this group.

I am searching for a mailing list about basic delphi topics, if
possible. Can anybody tell me about one? If there isn't, then I hope
this is an appropriate group to send my questions...

So, this is my first language for windows, and I don't know anything
about windows' -- and delphi -- event handling. (I have minimal
experiences with Turbo Vision.) Do anybody knows some online doc or
URL about this topic? I browsed the online documentation, but didn't
found too much... Where did the Turbo Vision's handleevent() proc go?
As I could figured out, the Tv-style events changed a lot, and I don't
understand the new philosophy. I see the components' event properties,
but how can I send such an event to an object? How can I send/get a
broadcast event...? There is no actual questions, as I dont have
enough information to ask. :-)


PS: Please cc to mailto:s-f...@kkt.sote.hu address too! (That's why I
would like better a mailing-list.. :)

PS/2: It's an old IBM PC... :-)

PS3: I suppose that I am the 10000th who ask this, but if anyway I
send this letter... ;)  So: What can I do to make the scrollbars work
right? (Except the very first and last line it stands at the
center... Even in the database explorer... :) I tried to search after
it: I looked for the word 'scrollbar' in the actual news articles...

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