D1, Sybase SQL Anywhere: ReportSmith


I am trying to generate a Report with the ReportSmith over Tables that
are on Sybase SQL Server but have problems to connect.

I am working in a Network (Novell 3.11 or .12), Delphi 1 and the Sybase
SQL Anywhere Network Server Version 5.0 Build #440.

ReportSmith shall establish the connection via ODBC. With Delphi 1 there
is no problem of linking the ODBC Data Source in the BDE and than access

To create the report I tell the program to add tables from the ODBC
Source that he already has, then I click on the button Server-Connection
and he asks me for user name and password. After filling in, I click on
the OK Button and the window disappears and returns without any error
message with the same contents. I can click on OK with the same results
again and again.

In the help I read something about nativ connections from ReportSmith to
Sybase and I tried to establish the connection that way but then he is
missing the RS_DBLIB.DLL.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Stefan Wolber