Hi everyone:
Acturally, my problem
is not 'I am unable to load rs_run.exe'.
the problem I have is if I run my delphi
pprgram open some windows, say do some search
and query , then hit print report, the error"UNABLE
TO LOAD RE_RUN.EXE' happened!
     If I run my probram , and directly go
to print report, no such problem.

     Also I have another problem , I want to
use report variable, I can generate one using
dialog box. after I got a report variable, How to use is
wrong?? How to use it?, how to set the relation
between table and report variable?, Say how to do something like
this" select * from table1 where student_name = reportvariable"?
by using report variable?

     Any help from you will be greately appreciately!

Wei Jiang