Specifying character sets in InterBase through the BDE

As far as I can tell, the BDE does not come with InterBase language
drivers. In my case, I want to specify character set ISO8859_1.

The InterBase API uses a database parameter buffer (DPB) and it
includes the ability to specify a character set. This buffer must be
allocated after the session connection and before the database
connection. The BDE sends these parameters somehow to InterBase before
the database connection.

How can I use the BDE or the InterBase API to specify ISO8859_1?

If I use one of the language drivers provided with the BDE, InterBase
takes that specification and InterBase sets that as the session
default. I don't want that because of differences that might exist
between the BDE language driver and the database design default, which
is ISO8859_1.

To get my session to operate properly, I must specify the same set
that is defined for the database default. Any help is appreciated.


Phil Cain