TMenuitem and create a Tree Menu.


I have found a first solution of my problem but,
i research a best and quickly solution.

My problem is :

        I have a Tlist structure :

        TFilerec = Class
             folder      : String;
             FileName  : String;
             FileSize  : String;
     sList       : TList;
     tempObj     : TFileRec;

this structure save the directory tree of my hard disk.
After create my structure, i have a array of Tfilerec as this :

   First Rec :  Folder= 'C:\' ; FileName='Config.sys'; FileSize=256;
    n Rec    :   Folder='C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM' ; FileName= ' Win.ini' ;
  Last Rec :   Folder='C:\ZIP' ; FileName= ' WINZIP.exe' ; FileSize=67890.

This slist was been sorting by Folder and by FileName in same Time.

here, it's ok for me, i have no problem for release this work.

After, i create a popupmenu which display this slist :
        example :   Autoexec.bat
                             WINDOWS -->   SYSTEM --> Win.ini.

So i research a quickly procedure with create me a submenuitem for all
subdirectory present
in my hardDisk.

Thanks for your answer.