Any experience with Conversion Assistant?

I just received Conversion Assistant 3.0 by Earth Trek for converting
Visual Basic code to Delphi.  Does anyone have any experience with
this converter?  I used it to convert a very simple VB program I had
written a couple of years ago as a test.  It converted the Windows
visual interface stuff just fine (had to make one minor change in
font).  However, I was dismayed by the fact that it did not convert
the mathematical functions from VB to Delphi.  For example:

In Visual Basic:  sqr(x) = square root of x
In Delphi:       sqrt(x) = square root of x
In Delphi:        sqr(x) = x squared

Conversion Assistant did not convert sqr to sqrt.  Instead it left it
as the sqr function which in Delphi is x-squared NOT square root of x.

Any comments?

Mike Morton