Ole automation / Embedding my image into Word/Excel

My program is using some user-defined properties, and processes it into an
image. That is, it displays (draws) the result on an image's canvas (D3
c/s). I want the user to be able to take the final image and put it in a
Word or Excel document & to finally print it within the document. The easy
way is to copy the image to the clipboard or save it to a bitmap file and
then insert it to Office document. But I'm ambitious - I want to make it an
OLE object to be embedded. By double-clicking it from office it'll open my
program with the object's properties and my program will edit it. I've
looked in some delphi books but they all dont document what I need. What I
need is an online free documentation about this subject, or just useful
If this is too complicated, is there a way to automatically insert a
clipboard picture into word document (while word is running)?
Thanks in advance!!
Yoav Z,
Yoav Zobel
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