Bug in Delphi 5(Installing Components)


We have had exactly the same problem with the AMD processors and with some
older Cyrix processors.  Although it won't affect your application it can be
a little bit irritating with big black blobs on your toolbar.

We managed to work around this problem on some of the computers by updating
the graphics drivers, however on some computers we had no chance.


"Murilo Monteiro" <megadeth18...@yahoo.com.br> wrote in message

> Ive installed a couple of new components in Delphi 5 and when i restarted
> delphi, some of the icons of the components in the last palette is
> distorced.... does it happen with anyone here??? if yes and you know the
> solution, please tell me because im gonna crazy with the bad graphics in
> the new palettes ive installed.....

> P.S.: im using an AMD Atlhon processor and other friends of mine had the
> same experience using the AMD... some use Pentium Intel and this didnt
> happen.....

> thanks
> murilito