I don't mean to

Hello I dont mean to be rude on my messages. It's just that you guys are
being rude, and I don't like that.. you guys act like you are #1 in
programing, but I don't really mind that, but I just dont think you should
be rude to ppl becuase they have a simple question and wanted to know how
to do it.. What if I where you and, you where me and you needed to know
something, I would help you in a heart beat, thats if I knew how to do what
you needed to know... but I'm just learning tp7.0
and I did get my program fixed on my own, nonone on here could answer.. but
hey, the good side is that I got it fixed... and if you take the time to
write out a pas file for someone... what I mean is you take the time to
write it, why not check it to see if it works... well I do atleast.. seems
like every sample thingy on here doesn't work.. but thats not my fualt..
well I dont want to keep you busy.. sence you have other things to do.. if
you read this message.. I hope your not asleep at this point.. it probubly
bored you.. but I got bored to.. from reading replys saying why do I use
thig newgroup to see how to do something, like come on thats what its for..
what else if it for? it is a borland pascal news group what else would you
talk about on it? its to get information etc on turbo pascal.. come ppl
your supposed to geiniuses.. you should no that...

ok this is the end of my message

well almost

if you do not agree with me, then don't send me rude messages and saying
dumb things like "why do you use this to see how to know something on tp."
or something like that, like I have been getting..

I hope that you didn't find this message rude, I didn;t mean for it to be
rude.. I just wanted to make a point to some ppl out there...

And where are all the nice people? I 've only found one that was nice on
here so far.. are all you nice people under a rock or something? becuase I
can't find any..

well sorry to bore you with this dumb message.. if anyone cares about what
I wrote..

Arron Mitchell