CGI DB client on NT can't see ODBC data sources

Problem: CGI database client, running on WinNT server,  can't see ODBC data

OS:   Windows NT server 4.0
Program:   Delphi3 ->  Web server application -> CGI stand alone executable
Web server:   Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0
Database server:   MySQL server

I created an ODBC data source and it worked fine with non-cgi progs, then I
a CGI prog, but it couldn't see this source - I suppose. Anyway - prog
couldn't access Dbase,
it couldn't even log on!

        My MySQL is OK - all it needs is logname and pwd, no IP checks and stuff
like that.
        I debugged my prog for weeks - I'm sure for 99% - it's OK, it's a "Hello
world" level prog anyway.
        Web server seems to be OK.

        WinNT. NT's permissions system. (I'm admin)

This way it is a typical WinNT question, but if you have made CGI apps,
it is likely, that you know this problem.

Janis Rumnieks