Repairing Paradox Files

In article <01bc12e0$fab6f5c0$> "norman strydom" <> writes:

>Please assist - I need to find a tool for repairing Paradox files that have
>been corrupted in one of by Delphi programs.  

I suggest that you surf to any one of several search-engines and use keys such
as "Tutility" or "table repair paradox" to see what's out there.  My posting
would not be complete without mentioning that one of the products you'll find
offered for sale is ours (ChimneySweep), a stand-alone program suitable for
Paradox or Delphi, and also that there are some extremely promising-looking
Delphi components produced by Amber Computing, Stefan H., and several other
regular participants in these news groups.

All of these facilities ultimately employ Borland's TUTILITY software to do
the actual repair, as does Paradox for Windows itself, but they seek to make
the process more automatic and trouble-free than PfW did.  (As well as making
this capability available -at all- to the Delphi community, which originally
was left high and dry on this capability.)