SQL Server, Delphi5, Identity fields....

never worked with SQL7 and identity fields before.... [using Delphi 5
(ttable, tquery) for development]
I created tables with Identity fields. I created the relationships. All is

I created a form, that has three grids, tables, datasources, and all the
master/detail relationships are set properly. all is good.

when I try to insert a record I get one of the following, mutually-exclusive
error conditions:

1) inserting as defined/understood [no value is supplied for the Ident
     a.   EDatabaseError: Field 'MyField' must have a value.

2) inserting with a supplied Ident field value [well, I had to try it ;-)];
    a. EDatabaseError: Cannont Insert explicit value for IDENTITY field...
[I expected this...]

Also, I can execute an INSERT query, which generates a good record.... no
problem... it's only when I try to use the ttable.insert and the
master/details set up...

ok, go ahead... tell me what part I'm being stupid about?  PLEASE???

TIA,  [email especially appreciated]