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How play files of QuickTime?

How play files of QuickTime?

Thank, Andrei Rasskazov
Russia, Krasnodar


Re:How play files of QuickTime?

Andrei Rasskazov wrote:

> How play files of QuickTime?

Well, the easiest way would be to find a QuickTime MCI driver; if you
had such a driver installed on your machine, you could play the files
using the standard TMediaPlayer component. To the best of my knowledge,
QT 3.0 does not include such a driver (the 16-bit version of QT 2.x was
the last one to include an MCI driver).

While Apple no longer seems to support the MCI I think that MS
ActiveMovie installs a QT MCI driver among others. If you indeed
determine that this is the case, then you must ship ActiveMovie with
your application. Please refer to the Microsoft web page for further
details. Also, you might want to check out the latest version of DirectX
(and DirectShow in particular) as well as the MS Media Player to see if
the driver you're looking for is included there. Otherwise, I'm sure
that there is a QT SDK you can use.

Good luck,
David Polberger

MM Player information:

Re:How play files of QuickTime?

The new MS Media Player will play quick time files.  It comes with an
activeX control that works with Delphi (I've tried it with D4).  It's
quite cool...


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