GPF in PASDBK16 when EUDORA loads first

Hi all! I recently upgraded to version 2.1.1 of the Eudora email package.
I soon began experiencing GPF in PASDBK16 when compiling and running my
app in Delphi. I narrowed it down to Eudora loading first(which it always
does because it's in my startup). If I take Eudora out of the Startup and
run Delphi first, my app compiles and runs fine. Eudora also runs fine when
Delphi loads first. It looks like an incompatability between the two, but
I couldn't see where Eudora references PASDBK16 since it isn't in the Eudora
directory or in windows or windows system directory.

Has anyone seen this problem? Any solutions?

Thanks, ...

Dave Rapp