NY Delphi User Group - meeting 28 March

        New York Delphi User Group / 28 March 96


        - Meeting Announcement
        - Random Access
        - About the New York Delphi User Group

        Meeting Announcement: Thursday, March 28, 6:30-9pm      

        Topic:  Real-World Client/Server Data Entry in Delphi

                David Orhem, a Delphi and Paradox expert, will speak
                about data entry issues in a client/server
                transaction based environment.  Attendees of earlier
                meetings may recall David's excellent presentation,
                with Mike Isbell, on object-oriented programming.

        Where:  The Hoffmann Auditorium
                Memorial Sloane-Kettering
                1275 York Avenue between 67th and 68th Streets
                New York City

        Random Access

        RFD: comp.binaries.ms-windows.delphi
        Mark Williamson <ome...@sisna.com> has posted a Request
        For Discussion (RFD) for a moderated internet newsgroup
        dedicated to publishing Delphi binary files.  

        An RFD is the first step in forming a new newsgroup.  
        During the discussion phase, people raise and resolve
        objections.  Here are some typical kinds of questions to
        get you started:

        - Who needs another binary newsgroup, anyway? they
          waste bandwidth!

        - Who is this Mark character? and why should we let him
          moderate the newsgroup?

        Now's your chance to have some input into this process.
        The original RFD was posted to news.announce.newsgroups.
        Discussion should be directed to news.groups.

        If there's any interest, the next step will be a Call
        For Votes (CFV).  Stay tuned...

        WebHub Seminar
        Ann Lynnworth is giving a seminar on WebHub, HREF Corp's
        Delphi-based web tool.

        It will be April 2-3 at PCSI in Englewood, NJ.
        People should register by sending Ann email <a...@href.com>.
        The cost is $590 for 2 days.

        See <http://super.sonic.net/ann/events.html> for more.

        Author's Query (follow up)
        Many thanks to those of you who expressed interest in being
        guinea pigs for my forthcoming book on Java.  I've got the
        requisite number of complete Java novices at this point
        (this is a beginner's book).

        If you're interested in Java, check out Borland's Java

        'Till next time,

        About the New York Delphi User Group

        The New York Delphi User Group meets in New York City the
        fourth Thursday of each month to swap tricks, traps, tools,
        and tips related to our favorite client-server development
        environment: Borland's Delphi.

        All meetings are free and open to the public.

        We are a special interest group formed under the auspices
        of the NY PC User Group and we encourage meeting attendees
        to join NYPC.  The NYPC dues are $35/year, or $65 for two years.
        Please send a check (write "Delphi/Paradox" in the memo area) to:
        NYPC, Suite 2124, 40 Wall St, New York NY 10005-1301
        NYPC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
        Membership inquiries: email to "nypc.members...@nypc.org"

        The New York Delphi User Group is run by its members.
        The donkey work is performed, cheerfully, by the volunteer
        Steering Committee which includes:

        David Koosis            <dkoo...@iscinc.com>
        Victor Pei              <v...@ritz.mordor.com>
        Jon Overton             <jover...@maestro.com>
        Richard Davis           <75542....@compuserve.com>
        Howard Louis            <loui...@UMDNJ.EDU>
        Howard Wertenteil       <lungf...@pipeline.com>

        If you're a Delphi programmer, we encourage you to share
        a technical insight, programming experience, component
        review, or baffling question with the user group.
        Contact any of the steering committee members.

        To join the mailing list, see:
        send a note to
        <del...@iscinc.com> with the word "subscribe" in
        the "Subject:" heading.

        New York Delphi User Group
        c/o ISC Consultants Inc.
        14 East 4th Steet, Suite 602
        New York, NY  10012-1141
        Email preferred.

        See you at the meeting!
        David Koosis

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