Sizegrip and repainting statusbar - problem

I have added a Statusbar to a sizeable form (borderstyle = bsSizeable).
The Statusbar has 3 panels:
- 0. psText
- 1. psOwnerDraw  [ the bug with the visible menu-items in this panel is solved! ]
- 2. psText

I have 2 problems:
1. On Design-time the Sizegrip is visible, but when executing the
   program, there is no sizegrip anymore.
   The SizeGrip-property is set to True.
2. When I resize the form, the statusbar is not repainted very well
   when I am moving up (moving down is no problem).
   If I move fast only a part of the statusbar is painted.
   This problem occurs on Windows XP and Windows 95.

This part is in the OnCreate-procedure of the form:

Foot.SimplePanel := False;
Foot.Panels.Items[1].Width := Progress.Width;
Foot.Panels.Items[2].Width := 75;
Foot.Panels.Items[0].Width := (ClientWidth - Foot.Panels.Items[1].Width -
                               Foot.Panels.Items[2].Width - 10);

Is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

Iwan Oprins