ANNOUNCEMENT: QuickReport version 1.0c released

QuickReport version 1.0c is now released and is available for

A full upgrade is available freely to Delphi 2.0 users (QR32-10C.ZIP)
while the 16 bit version continues to be shareware (QREP10C.ZIP).
Registered 16 bit users can freely upgrade to version 1.0c.

QuickReport can be downloaded from
Our ftp server usually gets quite stressed when new versions are
released so a mirror site will be available Thursday. The files are
also uploaded to compuserve and will show up in the libraries soon.

Since we didn't do any announcement for version 1.0b the changes
for both version 1.0b and 1.0c are listed bellow.

* QRLabel/QRDBText now support multiline text and tab expanding
  (32 bit version only)
* Design time preview no longer minimizes the report form, only
  locks it
* Added some possible conditional defines in code to allow registered
  users to optimize the size of their applications. Please comments on
  top of QUICKREP.PAS for details.
* QuickReport can now be compiled without the BDE being linked in.
  Including the XBDE conditional define will do the job (only for
  registered users). Se comments on top of QUICKREP.PAS for details.
* Dropping a TQuickReport component on a form now sets the Form.Scaled
  property to False automatically.
  Font is automatically set to Arial if it was MS Sans serif or System
* Bug fix, running reports designed with Small Fonts on Large Fonts
  systems and vice versa no longer causes
  trouble with scaling
* Bug fix, several problems with new printer control routines fixed
* Bug fix, QRDBText now has a AlignToBand property, as the docs have
  said for a long time
* Bug fix, text will not owerwrite the shadow on the preview if printed
  outsize right edge
* Bug fix, all templates works correctly in 16 bit version
* Bug fix, using AlignToBand=True no longer messes up other controls on
  the same line
* Bug fix, band background no longer gets painted when band printing is
  disabled in the   QRBand.BeforePrint event

* New properties QRPrinter.PaperWidth, QRPrinter.PaperLength and
  QRPringer.PaperSize,  QRPrinter.Copies, QRPrinter.PaperBin
* New properties QuickReport.PaperSize, QuickReport.PaperWidth,
* New properties QRBand.Frame.DrawTop, DrawBottom, DrawLeft, DrawRight
  for controlling which part of the  frame to draw
* New property QuickReport.PageFrame lets you print
  frame around the entire page
* Bug fix, correct data record is now always printed in the last group
* Bug fix, printmask now works correctly on QRDBCalc with integer fields
* Bug fix, using an overlay band should no more cause an extra page to
  be printed
* Bug fix, using the QuickReport.NewPage will now position text
  on the new page
* Bug fix, band frames now works correctly with left margin set and also
  with pen width=1
* Bug fix, saving and loading landscape reports now works correctly
* Bug fix, group headers/footers are now printed correctly even if first
  group data is blank
* Cosmetic updates to the standard preview form toolbar