win2k/XP "error creating cursor handle"

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 14:42:38 -0500, "Chris Racette" <>

>Greetings - i have two questions, both of which are kind of related...

>1)  I'm running delphi 3 and interbase 5.x - i've upgraded the BDE to 5.01.
>my program runs fine under win95, win98 and NT server 4.0.  my program is
>99% bug free when running on win2k and winXP but in one area i get the error
>"error creating cursor handle".

The most common cause of this error is running a DDL statement by
setting TQuery.Active := True or calling TQuery.Open instead of using


>anyone see this error before?  any thoughts on correcting?

>2)  i tried running with "windows 95 and/or 98 compatibility" option with
>Windows XP but i was not even able to open my program.  i get "an error
>occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error

>has anyone had any success running programs under compatibility mode with
>windows XP?

>thanks much!!

Bill (TeamB)
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