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Problem with ActiveMovie ActiveX

I tried to use the MS ActiveMovie control (from the newest MediaPlayer)
within Delphi to enable me to play a videos fullscreen.

so i did a "Component ->ImportActiveX control" and Delphi installed a new
"TActiveMovie" component in the activeX pallette. Gladly, i created a new
app and dropped the new component on a blank form. so far so good.

But when did a "File -> Save", i got an "Unspecified Error" error message.
Tried to compile, and RLINk32 says "Cannot open unit1.dfm"

I am using Delphi Pro 5.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Marc Geldon


Re:Problem with ActiveMovie ActiveX

Look at They have a component based on
ActiveMovie that works with Delphi, but it is not free.


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