Free Component: GridRpt (Print DBGrids as a Grid Report)

GridRpt Component (Enhanced PrintGrid Component)
March 1996

Author: Godfrey Ko (
PrintGrid Author: ???? (Please contact me)

The GridRpt Component is an enhanced version of PrintGrid, which I download
from the GrumpFish Freeware Page server months ago.

I modified PrintGrid, fixed some minor problems and add in some new
features. I have found it been very useful because it allows the
simplest and fastest way of printing a result set, with all the
flexibility of DBGrid (e.g. switch some particular field on/off,
displaylabel, field size, displayformat}.


1. Prints a DBGrid (include font settings**, grid line settings) as a
   columnlar report, or output the data to a comma delimiter file.

2. User may switch on/off Report Headings, Sub-Headings*, Page Numbers,
   Footnotes, Record Count and TimeStamp.

3. Support two levels of data grouping (1st & 2nd data field). Print
   each Group on separate pages with Group Header and Sub-Header. *

4. One single component. No coding required, all properties may be set in
   Object Inspector. Just say GridRpt1.Print and it prints.

5. Warning message if a DBGrid is too wide for the paper.**

* Features not in original version
** Enhanced Feature

The PrintGrid component was distributed as a freeware by the original authors.
I am also willing to send GRIDRPT to anyone so it may keep evolving.