TTreeView CHALLENGE!!!! (Help)

Greetings Delphi Gurus...

I will be impressed if anyone can give me an answer or example code to
this problem.  I have searched long and hard for an answer and spent
many days and hours trying to solve this!  Now I turn to my Delphi
friends on the net for assistance...

We are using a TTreeView component on our app.  At first we saved all
the structure as a work flow model (.wfm) and that worked fine when we
rebuilt the tree structure.  However, we want to store the tree
structure in a Paradox 8 .db file now and not a wfm.  We can save the
structure fine in a table, but the algorithm to rebuild it seems to be a
challenge.  Any insight on what the fields in the table need to be and
how to design a procedure to rebuild the tree from that table?  Thanks!

PS - please reply to my email and not the newsgroup