Problems with bde 5.0 installation on existings old BDE version

I have a lot of problems to make works applications created with
C++Builder 5.0 & BDE 5.0 when they are installed on machines
where old versions of these applications (created with BCB3.0 &
BDE 4.5) already exists.

My last application has been developed under WIN 2000, Italian
version, and the problems seems to appear only when this
is installed under Windows 9x/2000 in east european languages version (such as Russian, Polish, etc.).

I always use the custom version of InstallShield Express
distribuited with the C++Builder.

In the setup option for BDE installation I don't specify any parameter in addition to the default value.

The worst thing is that after the application with BDE5.0 is installed both application, this and the old version, doesn't work any more.

The error appear when forms with parameterized query or
filtered table are shown.

Is there anyone that know how to solve my problem?


Cristian Pavoni
Selta Telematica spa