Deleting a detail record using Delphi 1.0 on a MS Access 2.0 database


I have developed a inventory management application which uses one master table and four
detail tables linked by the Inventory Reference field.  I used Delphi 1.0 to connect to a
MS Access 2.0 database through the ODBC driver supplied in the Access 2.0 Service Pack.  I
use the DBNavigator component for record manipulation.

Interesting, I have the following problem:

After the application starts up, I can't delete any of the records in the detail tables.  
I receive a "General SQL error".  The same error message is given when I try to
edit the record and post it.  However, I can edit and/or delete records after I have
inserted and posted a record in the detail table in the same session.

Does anyone know why and can explain?

Would appreciate very much if you could reply me at
Thanks again!