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Multi Language (Foreign Language) Reporting Using Crystal Reports...


   We are a company creating business solutions and ecommerce
solutions.  Reports form a main part of out applications. We use Delphi
5.0 for application developement and Crystal Reports for reporting.   I
would like to know the best way to create reports for multiple languages
to use with different language applications and crystal reports.  Do we
create seperate report files for each language or do we create report
files in one language (say English) and manupulate them during run time
by appropriately replacing phrases in the report with the appropriate
language phrase.  How do people generally do multi language reporting ?
In our case we have as many as 150 default reports.  Maintaing all these
reports for each language will be too tedeous.  Any suggestion and help
will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



Re:Multi Language (Foreign Language) Reporting Using Crystal Reports...

Just a wild guess (never used CR):

1. Create a data table LangString with these fields:


perhaps along with their master tables (Report, Element, Language).

2. Fill in the data (having 150 report, you will probably want to make a
utility for this, which will read your english reports and make one
record for every report/element/language you intend to use with a blank

3. At runtime, before prewiev or print of report, substitute every
element's caption (or title or whatever) of the report's form with
SubstitutionString, found in LangString table.

HTH, Bojan

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