How do you show hints when the form loses the focus

I'm writing a small app to display icons on the screen which will launch an
app with a single click (as my daughter has difficulty double clicking the

I have used a timer to return focus back to the form every second. This
works but the first time you run the prgram and click another icon or app
the focus is switched back to the icons. However the focus remains on the
app the second time you click. This intial return of focus looks a bit messy
and wondered if anyone knew another way I could do it. It is possible as
Office 4.3 displays small icons at the top left of the screen that display
hints with no focus loss from other apps.

Another problem I have trying to solve is how to rescale icons so that I can
display them smaller and not lose part of the image.

I'm using Delphi 2

Thanks in advance