Huffman Compression Engine II

The following is a comparision of various files, using Huffman
Compression Engine II.  To anyone interested in beta testing it
with Delphi or Borland Pascal, please contact me by fidonet
netmail or email as listed above.  The API works best with Delphi
III, but is also compatible with Borland Pascal 7.01 in protected
mode only.

 Volume in drive E is NODE1-E        Serial number is 1234:5678
 Directory of  e:\tp\ar\a\*.*

ra.ha         3455630   3-23-98 11:12p
ra.rar        3470806   3-23-98 11:10p
ra.lzh        3505220   3-23-98 11:07p
ra.sqz        3518557   3-23-98 11:18p        3531054   3-17-98 11:00p
ra.arj        3534661   3-23-98 11:10p
ra.lha        3593144   3-23-98 11:19p
  24,609,072 bytes in 10 file(s)        24,641,536 bytes allocated
 659,374,080 bytes free

.ha   HA 0.999? Copyright (c) 1995 Harri Hirvola
.lzh  Huffman Compression Engine II v0.19
.SQZ  Squeeze It(1.08.3), Copyright J I Hammarberg
.zip  Pkzip Version 2.04g
.arj  ARJ 2.41a Copyright (c) 1990-93 Robert K Jung. Jul 10 1993
.lha  LHA version 2.13 Copyright (c) Haruyasu Yoshizaki, 1988-91

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For windows 95 with netbeui loaded //
 * Origin: Orange, CA (1:103/