Close button incorrectly dimmed in MDI Child form

Has anyone else seen or (even better) successfully worked around this
problem?  It happens on Win95 (at least) using Delphi 2.0.  If you have
more than one child form, you maximize one, then go to another child
form via the window menu, the close button is now dimmed (though it
actually works!).  This *only* happens if the child has menu items the
parent does not!

I've seen similar problems documented in the Delphi bug list and
DejaNews, but not this one, and I haven't seen a workaround.  (You
notice in the Forms.pas code, Borland's having to do a lot of shuffling
to make MDI work, like there's something MS didn't tell them?)

It's easy to reproduce the problem.  Use Borland's own Textedit sample
project.   Run it, do a couple of File|New's, maximize a child form,
then use the window menu to go to another child.  The close button
should now be incorrectly dimmed.