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checkboxes in access 97 tables

I have an Access 97 table connected to Delphi 3 Pro.

In the table, which I designed in Acces 97, are some fields that are
set to be checkboxes. If I look at the table in Access 97, it are
checkboxes, as they should be, and they can also be checked and
unchecked properly.

Unfortunately when I show the table under Delphi 3 in a DbGrid, the
checkboxes are not checkboxes but 'false/true' boolean text fields.

Is it possible to show the checkboxes in a DbGrid as actual
checkboxes, or does Delphi just look at the field types of the table
and not at their additional properties ???

Thanx in advance,



Re:checkboxes in access 97 tables

The Delphi DBGrid just looks at the field types.  The InfoPower grid will
show check boxes. For more information on InfoPower go to


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