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.BLL Files

I'm using InstallShield to distribute my software. I use ASCII files
only. When I build my distribution diskettes I get 3 floppies. I've
noticed that It loads \BDE\Japan.BLL and \BDE\FarEast.BLL and
\BDE\Europe.BLL etc. I took these out and it seems to work fine AND now
I'm on 2 floppies! Can anyone tell me WHAT these files are and WHEN they
are used? A little knowledge is a dangerous think - HA.

Re:.BLL Files

They are the language driver files.  If you ever install on a system that
already has a full BDE installation on it and if the user uses one of the
language drivers you are not sending your installation will probably render
them unable to use anything that needs the BDE.

Bill Todd
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