TStoredProc -- StoredProcName list empty!

After reinstalling Delphi 6, I have found a problem with with the
TStoredProc controls.  In the past, I have been able to connect my
TStoredProc to a TDataBase, select a stored procedure from the
StoredProcName drop-down, and the open the Params property to see my
parameters automatically added for me.

Now, the storedProcName drop-down is always empty, and even after I type in
the appropriate stored proc name, I have to manually add my parameters to
the Params list.

My project runs with no problems.  This is a very large project with many of
these TStoredProc controls throughout different screens.  They are all
exibiting this same behavior now.  This is going to slow developement for
obvious reasons.  What has happened?  Something installed differently this
time that has caused this behavior (I assume).

Any assistence would be greatly appreciated.

-Glenn Thimmes

P.S.  Yes, I did make sure that the TDataBase connection was active:)