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Index corruption on paradox tables

  I am having problems with index corruption on a paradox table that is often accessed by more that one workstation at a time.
  It is on a Pier to Pier network. All computers are running Windows 98.
  DbiGetSysVersion() returns Engine Version: 500 on all computers.
  The Net Dir property of the Paradox Driver points to the same folder on all computers.
  The TUtility Verify function sometime sees a problem with the index, other times it doesn't. However, rebiulding the indexes always seems to solve the problem. The TUtil32.dll time stamp is 06/09/1998 5:00AM which I'm pretty sure is version 5.0.

Any Ideas as to what may be causing the problem?


Re:Index corruption on paradox tables

Is Local Share=TRUE on all machines?

Re:Index corruption on paradox tables

See,1410,15209,00.html and make sure
that the BDE on _every_ PC is configured as described in,1410,15209,00.html

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