Delphi Upgrade Advice Needed

I've been developing with Delphi Pro (1-4) and want to try my hand at
doing some database/client server development.  I would like to try my
hand at Interbase running on Linux as my test/development/learning

The questions are:

1.) Can I upgrade my local license of Interbase to the Linux 5.0 version

2.) Am I going to have to upgrade to Delphi C/S to connect to this

Also, since I am on a fast track for learning this, I would be willing
to take a project of a month or so for little or no cost on your part as
long as it is a sophisticated development effort as in complex SQL
queries, stored procedures and triggers.

FWIW, I am an accomplished Delphi component developer and know Delphi,
the non db VCL, Object Pascal and object orientation like it was the
back of my hand.