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Problem with TCanvas

Im loading a lot of bitmaps in a program and save then to memorystreams to
save GDI resources.
and when i need to use a determinated image i create a temp{*word*203}tbitmap and
load it from the corresponding stream.

everything is fine, except sometimes when I try to load a bitmap I cant
access the canvas property.

I mean, the tbitmap loads from the stream correctly, but when trying to
access the .canvas property it generates an access violation.

any ideas?

Eduardo P. Tavares
Delphi Developer
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Re:Problem with TCanvas

On Fri, 1 Jun 2001 14:48:06 -0300, "Eduardo Tavares"

<> wrote:
>I mean, the tbitmap loads from the stream correctly

Try posting a small .bmp example in the .attachments plus source code
the loads the .bmp and demonstrates what you've reported.
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