how to get event?

I have a component that I like to use with different applications (It's a comm
component, but this question has nothing to do with comm routines).  Each time
I write a new application, I have to re-write the routines (actually I copy &
paste them).  What I'm trying to do is create a seperate unit that has the
component in it, plus the routines that I commonly use.  This way, all I have
to do is include this seperate unit in whatever project I'm working on, and
I'll have the component with my favorite routines.  I've tried this by creating
an instance of the component like this:

unit   seperateunit (*unit containing component and favorite routines*)

uses   windows, messages, sysutils, classes, graphics,
       controls, forms, dialogs, stdctrls, extctrls, favorite component;
(*here's the component*)

procedure... (* procedures to be accessed from main program*)


Fcomponent: Tfavorite component (*instance of my component*)
(*procedures are declared from here below*)
(*among these is a procedure tied to an event that belongs to the component,
shown below*)

procedure FcomponentEvent (parameter, parameter, parameter);
(*stuff to do*)

Now, after all the procedures have been defined, I have an initialization call:


I can't seem to get the event to trigger, because it won't do what's defined in
the event procedure.
How do I make sure that the event is noticed and responded to?  I know it has
something to do with the "assigned" function, but I don't know how to make it
return true.
Thanks in advance