Problems on TWebBrowser


 I have some questions on TWebBrowser and TDHTMLEdit.

1. How can I highlight a link within a tabel?
 I use the code below. It works, but if the link is
within a table, the highlight is gone. I mean it is
highlighted but diappears right after that. So one
can see it blinks.

 var doc,links,hyplink,rng:OLEVariant;

2. Is it possible to know if a hyperlink is deleted on DHTMLEdit?
Suppose  <a href="test1.html">Test1</a> <a href="test2.html">Test2</a>
 exists and the links are  reffered to as
DHTMLEdit1.Document.links.item(3) and DHTMLEdit1.Document.links.item(4)
If one deletes this links.item(3) by
hitting BS key on DHTMLEdit, the links.item(4) becomes links.item(3)
etc..  So now if I try to get or highlight <a
part, I need to use links.item(3).
How can I know that <a href="test1.html">Test1</a> is deleted
and that I need to decrement the argument of links.item ?

3.How can I have Shift+Ctrl+F1 shortcut work?

3.How can I have Shift+Ctrl+F1 shortcut work?
On OnMessage Handler below, I check whether the message is WM_KeyDown
and also
whether the message is for WebBrowser1. If the answer is yes,
I sendMessage it to the mainForm, in which Shift+Ctrl+F1
is assign to a menuitem. But this menu is not called.
Since the informatio on whether the Shify key and Ctrl key is pressed
is included in the message, I thought it works. How can I
have this work?

 procedure TForm1.MesHand(var Msg: TMsg; var Handled: Boolean);
  if Msg.hwnd=WebBrowser1.Handle then;// DHTMLEdit1.Handle,Msg) then
   if Msg.message=WM_KeyDown then

Thanks in advance