Hey, TEAMB...Need some real help with TTable and CreateTable in SQL Back end

I am using Delphi 3.0 and need to create an InterBase 5 table.

I am using a TTable component and have populated the FieldDefs
property. When I call the CreateTable method things work fine. When I
include a IndexDefs statement (IndexDefs.Add('','Field1',[ixUnique])
and call the CreateTable method I get an error "INvalid Index/Tag
name". Where is this coming from and how do I fix it? I have to create
2 indexes (one primary and one secondary) and can't seem to get around
this. I cannot use TQueries here...need on a TTable. When I run the
same thing against Paradox it works just fine.

Any help on fixing this is greatly appreciated!

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