BDE/SQL Links support for Oracle Call Interface callbacks


This is a repost from last week.

Oracle says that after a failover, on an NT cluster, applications can
reconnect exactly where they left off before the failure of a server.
There's two ways to accomplish this :

1 - If you use ODBC there's a callback that exists that will reconnect you

2 - If you use OCI (Oracle Call Interface), you need to register you own
callback proc.

I've found that SQL Links uses OCI and I wonder if it supports that callback
procedure.  I need to implement the "transparent application failover".

I've looked in the BDE help file and DbiRegisterCallBack, there's no mention
of that type of callback.

Problem is that I dont have access to a cluster yet so I cant test this, we
wont purchase it for another year.

Anybody knows about this?

Maurice Cote
Centre Dentaide