DELPHI IDE crashes DOS/Win or OS2/Win

Try this, open a new project and put a single drop down combobox on the form
give it a few tstrings as well as an initial text value. Run the program under
the IDE. On my Dell xmt90 with sb16 the "ding" that results from hitting enter
crashes windows/dos as well as windows under OS/2. C-A-D will re-boot but the
SB16 is still not operating correctly until power is cycled (all sounds short).

This same program run from file -> run has no problems when "ding"ing the bell
( a system sound not the pc speaker ).

On the GateWay 2000 486/66V with SB16 and same OS/2 version, this is not been
a problem.

This seems like it is the IDE trying to initiate the de{*word*81} for some reason,
can anyone confirm or deny this or talk about any irq used by the IDE ?