W8LOSS.DLL caused GPF....

I am using Delphi 1. My DFM file is out of sync with my visual form it's
related PAS file.

I was attempting to delete several components from my form. I selected the
desired components thru the Object Inspector, then selected Edit Delete.
Rather than deleting the components from the form, it merely deleted the
component Name. However, the components no longer are displayed in the
Object Inspector, nor are they listed in PAS file. The components are in
the DFM file, but have no names. They are displayed as "Object TDbText".

With the DFM and PAS files out of sync, I got an "EClass Not Found" error
when I attempted to compile the project. The unfound class is TDbText.

I made a backup copy of the DFM before making any attempts to manually
removed the components. I thought I had made no changes to the PAS file,
however I must have since the date stamp on the PAS is much later than the
date stamp on the DFM file.

I manually deletee the components from the DFM file and then attempted to
re-compile the project. I get no error messages during compile, but my
Delphi locked up. When I pressed ALT-CTRL-DEL, Delphi is shown as "Not

I then renamed my backup copy of the DFM file to the original name. While
trying to compile the project, I get a "W8LOSS.DLL caused GPF at 0001:0C24.
Shutdown of Delphi is recommended" error. Needless to say, my project will
not compile.

Any suggestions, other than a more aggressive backup routine.