Calling codebase dll functions from another dll

[Win95, D4, c4cli.dll (delphi build)]

I've written several applications (.exe) that use the codebase dll.  Now I'm
trying to write a dll that uses the codebase dll, and while the dll compiles
and links (I assume correctly) when I try to attach to my dll, it calls
code4init, which in turn calls code4initP which in turn hangs up.  code4initP
never returns and the app waits for me to terminate the process.  I've traced
through the asm to see it get as far as a jump to code4initlow within the dll
itself, but I can't get any farther than that, it hangs while infinately
cmparing one address to a register and jumping back to the same comparison
when it fails.

I'm really quite stumped here, I've tried ever deviation possible.  If I don't
call code4init, the non-codebase-dependant functions of my dll all work fine,
and if I call the code4init from a standard exe it returns fine.  Any

Thanks in advance,
Craig Bateman
MIS Assistant/Software Developer
Associated Pension Consultants

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